Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice Certification Program

SEIA’s DEIJ Certification program features over 30 modules of content for your company to explore and earn badges and levels of certification. Completion of each course will result in a completion badge. All companies must complete the Bronze-level requirements in order to advance to content that qualifies your company for Silver, Gold, or Platinum-level certification.

Bronze Level Courses

These courses can be completed by your representative and, once complete, earn your company a Bronze-level DEIJ Leadership Certification.

Earn Points for Silver, Gold, and Platinum-Level Certification

Once you have completed all of the Bronze-level courses, we encourage you to customize your learning path, and explore the content below as it aligns with your company goals, mission, and DEIJ journey.

Additional Points

In addition to the courses above, SEIA recognizes that your company may be doing other work that qualifies for points and recognition. Please use the modules below to submit any items not covered by our standard modules.

Have questions?

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