Welcome to SEIA's
Online Learning Center

Welcome to SEIA’s Online Learning Center. This platform houses various learning programs aimed to help educate and grow the U.S. solar workforce.

SEIA’s DEIJ Certification Program provides over 30 modules that companies can complete to advance their progress in diversity, equity, inclusion and justice. SEIA’s Solar 101 Program offers companies or individuals the opportunity to hear from industry experts on pressing issues in the solar and storage landscape.

Solar 101 Program

Looking to learn more about solar and storage? The Solar 101 program offers in-depth lessons with experts to get you up to speed on topics across the industry.

DEIJ Certification Program

This program provides actionable steps to improve DEIJ practices within companies and the broader communities they serve.

How it Works

Learn more about how the Solar 101 and DEIJ Certification Programs work and how you can get started learning!

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Learn more about the SEIA experts that are behind SEIA’s online learning program and why they are known as leaders in the solar and storage industry.