Solar 101 Program

SEIA’s Solar 101 Program is an all-inclusive platform for solar energy professionals to access expert knowledge on specific industry topics and trends. The program includes a diverse set of courses that will provide value to both new entrants to the industry and established professionals who are looking for a refresher on certain solar subjects.

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Core Courses

Our Solar 101 Program offers about 30 short modules that contain valuable expert insight into a variety of areas including topics across the solar and storage industry. You must purchase these modules in order to access the course.

Consumer Protection 101

The Consumer Protection Module introduces viewers to relevant consumer protection rules and topics that companies to need to be aware to stay compliant with the law. This course is free for all.

Solar 101

SEIA recognizes the importance of our position in the industry as a resource for education, and as we expect greater workforce expansion in the Solar+ Decade, it is even more necessary that we continue to lead in this space. With this expected growth, there is an increased need for introductory content catered to new solar professionals. SEIA has developed a comprehensive platform for solar 101 content where both SEIA members and non-members can learn the basics of solar at their own pace. Our Solar 101 Program offers valuable expert insight into a variety of areas including topics such as solar technology, market segmentation, transmission, project development, permitting, and more. With centralized access to these types of materials, our online 101 content allows for professionals to develop a solid foundation of knowledge necessary for success in the industry. 

Intro to Solar 101

Get an introduction to the Solar 101 courses from one of SEIA’s staff experts. This video is free for all users.

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