Group Discounts

Solar 101 Coupons

You can purchase Solar 101 coupons to send to others at a discounted rate. Add the product to your cart. The discount will be applied to the cart total. Once you have completed your order, you will be prompted to download a voucher which will have the coupons codes for the amount you have purchased. If you would like to purchase unlimited coupons, select “Unlimited” and a quantity of 30 will be added to your cart. You will receive a voucher good for 30 coupons. Once you have used those coupons, contact SEIA at [email protected] and they will send you a code for another 30. Coupons have no expiration of when they can be used.

Redeeming Instructions

Send the coupon code(s) to the person you would like to give the course to. Have them add the the Solar 101 course to the cart (You can also send them this link which will add it to the cart automatically: Once added, have them paste the coupon code into the box labeled “Coupon code” then click on “APPLY COUPON”. Once the coupon is applied, the course price will be reduced to 0. Have them proceed through the checkout process, no payment option is needed unless they have added other courses. Once they have completed the checkout, an account will be created for them and they will be automatically enrolled in the course.