Labor Practices in Your Supply Chain



Ensuring an ethical and sustainable supply chain is of paramount importance to the U.S. solar industry. Based on credible reports of human rights abuses in China, the solar industry is working to stamp out these abhorrent practices throughout its supply chain. SEIA and the industry are taking numerous steps to address these critical issues and are committed to the long-term sustainability and integrity of our supply chains.

In reviewing the submission, the following queries will be used:

  • Has your company signed the Forced Labor Prevention Pledge?
  • Which of the following practices have you implemented at your company (manufacturers)?
    • Independent, third-party audits applied to internal processes and third-party suppliers;
    • Corporate social responsibility codes of conduct;
    • Security measures to safeguard information and prevent tampering of goods;
    • Due diligence and monitoring of suppliers;
    • Compliance programs;
    • Trainings of employees; and
    • Enforcement of policies and procedures along with corrective action plans.