End of Life Considerations/PV Recycling



Like many other durable products and construction materials, solar equipment can last for decades, particularly with proper maintenance. In some cases, PV modules can be reused or refurbished to have a ‘second life’ of generating electricity. The other components of solar systems can also be handled responsibly. Inverters can be recycled as e-Waste and racking equipment can be re-utilized with newer technology or recycled like other metals. We recognize that the PV recycling program may not apply to all companies that enroll in this program.

In reviewing the submission, the following queries will be used:

  • Does your company participate in SEIA’s PV recycling program?
  • Does your company have PV recycling agreements/programs outside of SEIA’s PV recycling program?
  • Does your company have/participate in recycling or end of life programs outside of the scope of the PV recycling program?
  • What percentage of recyclable goods are processed through a recycling program?