Solar 101: Consumer Protection

To meet the demand created by the Inflation Reduction Act, the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) is rolling out a new Solar 101 Consumer Protection course to help solar and storage businesses navigate complex consumer protection laws. This free module will introduce viewers to relevant consumer protection rules and topics that will help inform business decisions and create happy customers.

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Intro to
Consumer Protection

Get started with this FREE module to learn about the importance of consumer protection for your business and customers. This lesson will cover a variety of consumer protection topics, including advertising best practices, emails and contracts, internal operations and more.

Consumer Protection Course Topics

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Intro to Consumer Protection

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Best Practices for Advertising

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Direct and Indirect Sales Tactics

Additional Resources

SEIA has developed a powerful suite of resources for solar companies to enhance consumer protection in the clean energy industry and safeguard customer rights. Visit SEIA’s website to access these resources and learn more about how your company can prioritize consumer protection.