LGBTQ+ Inclusion in the Workplace



Workplace environments inclusive to LGBTQ+ community members provide increased employee productivity, higher employee retention rates, reduced employee stress levels, and more positive coworker and supervisor relationships. These factors contribute to higher profit margins and better stakeholder and customer relations.

In reviewing your submission, the following queries will be used:

  1. Does your company have an established Employee Resource Group (ERG) for LGBTQ+ community members and allies?
  2. Alternatively, “If your organization does NOT have an LGBTQ+ ERG, do you have a diversity council, committee, or similar group that actively seeks to include LGBTQ+ staff members and allies?
  3. Does your company assess the current climate for your LGBTQ+ population in company-wide surveys, such as cultural assessments, pulse surveys, etc.?
  4. Has your company reviewed and revised written policies and the Employee Handbook to include gender-neutral language?
  5. Has your company reviewed and revised policies/benefits to ensure equitable access for LGBTQ+ employees and their partners/spouses?
  6. Does your company’s onboarding program include educational material regarding the understanding and importance of all staff members using pronouns and names employees ask to be referred by?
  7. Does your company include a space for pronouns in email signatures?
  8. Are all-gender restrooms available and easily accessible in your workspace?
  9. Does your company offer professional development/training/educational events to support the LGBTQ+ community?
  10. Has your company reviewed job postings and job titles to include gender-neutral language?
  11. Does your company’s EEO statement include language specific to sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression?
  12. Do all staff partaking in interviews and the hiring process receive training on mitigating bias during the hiring process?
  13. If your company has a dress code, is it gender-neutral?
  14. Provide supporting documentation (Policies or Employee Handbook, job announcement, the company’s DEI statement used during the hiring process, etc.)