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Training, Workshops, and Education

Diversity and inclusion training can improve equity in your workplace. Creating diversity and inclusion training programs is a great way to address biases and prejudices within a workplace. The best way to ensure that diversity training is successful is to tailor it to your company and needs. Diversity and inclusion training should not be a one-off event. Trainings should be implemented regularly, and concepts should be intertwined with your organization’s mission and culture.

In reviewing the submission, the following queries will be used:

  • What is the length and frequency of training offerings?
  • What topics were addressed in the training(s)?
  • Have all managers and individuals involved with hiring and advancement been trained on how to mitigate unconscious bias?
  • Has D&I training been made available to all staff?
  • What percentage of staff completed the training(s)?
  • Were pre- and post-training evaluations used to help assess the effectiveness of trainings, and growth of participants?