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Leadership Communication and Transparency

Does your organization’s leadership consciously consider equity in their decision-making and communication? Leading with equity means recognizing that different people have different needs and being committed to giving people what they need to succeed. By giving employees what they need to succeed, you are not only improving your employees’ but your organization’s success. The decision-making that makes it possible to give employees what they need to succeed comes from leadership. The Harvard Business Review says that inclusive leadership is a critical capability to leverage diverse thinking in a workforce with increasingly diverse markets, customers, and talent. In those increasingly diverse markets, the inability to lead with equity will turn current & potential employees away and will not set your organization up for success.

In reviewing the submission, the following queries will be used:

  • Does the organization have a written communication plan related to D&I?
  • Has the organization regularly (monthly, quarterly, or on some communicated schedule) provided updates to staff on progress towards their goals, activities, etc.?
  • Do the communications contain key information, like how to engage on future efforts, or measurable progress towards goals?
  • Are there multiple communicators?
  • Are senior leaders involved in the communications?
  • What methods of communication are used (email, webinar, social media, etc.)?