The Connection to Your Business


CSR and CE may take various forms which include financial contributions, product donations, eco-friendly practices, pro-bono work, among other ways large or small businesses can be of assistance to their communities. When a business is involved in Corporate Social Responsibility, it can generate positive publicity.

According to a study conducted by Nielsen, a majority of consumers who were polled from 60 different countries stated they would pay higher for goods or services sold or rendered by companies that prove to be socially responsible.

Bids and RFPs

When assessing and choosing a company for contracted work, major businesses consider social responsibility and corporate citizenship as an element of RFPs or solicitations. Demonstrating high impact, consistent Corporate Social Responsibility may help you earn more points in this RFP assessment category.


It is important to note that, much like consumers, potential talent will view your CSR and CE efforts as they assess the culture of your organization and determine if it is the correct “fit” for them. Effectively communicating your CSR and CE work can improve your chances of hiring “top talent” and should not be overlooked.

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