Diversity Statement

Possible Points: 10

What is a D&I statement?

Diversity and inclusion statements can be short and sweet or long and in-depth. They translate your values and demonstrate your pledge to an inclusive and varied workplace. Your D&I statement shouldn’t be just a section on your website (although it should be prominently displayed there), or a subheading in your annual report. It should be core to the direction of the organization.

Creating a D&I statement begins with examining your values. What do you want to say about your business? What do you want your employees and customers to know about your commitment? Translate these values into a simple statement — one that’s easy to read and interpret.

Some organizations separate their diversity statement from their inclusion statement. Others combine both in a single overarching communication. Determine what works best for your organization and draft the statement with your own words and commitment.

D&I statements can be posted on your website, in job descriptions, as well as being including in internal documents, like your staff handbook.

Evaluation Criteria

The assessment will ask for the following information:

  • Does your company have a D&I Statement?
  • Where is your D&I Statement posted?
  • Upload a copy of your D&I Statement

For this section, full points will be awarded when you answer all of the questions and submit a copy of your D&I Statement. Depending on your responses, we may suggest additional places to post your statement, but you will not receive a reduced score if you do not currently post it in all of the places we query about. We are collecting this information to better understand industry practices.

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